4-In-A-Row Kit


Designed by Electro707, Soldered by you!

Tindie Link:

The soldering kit is available HERE!

PCB Gerber Files

The Gerber file can be found on GitHub as a Release:

NOTE: The latest Gerber, and thus the design, includes a JLCJLCJLCJLC silkscreen label. This is used by me when ordering from JLCPCB (no endorsement nor recommendation, just what I use). If you are to use a different manufacturer, I recommend you change or remove this label in the KiCAD file or Gerber file directly.

GitHub Repository

Click on the icon bellow to be directed to this kit's source code (including the instruction's SVGs, KiCad files, etc.)

Step-By-Step Instruction:

If you prefer a step-by-step instruction rather than a single drawing, then click on the link below to go to a step-by-step guide.

Currently only the main driver board has these instructions:

-> Main Board Step-By-Step Link

Instructions Drawings:

Below are instruction drawings

Here are the different soldering instructions (Click on one to open the image in a new tab):


Main board Rev 1.0:


Here are the schematics for the 2 boards. Click on one for a PDF version in a new tab


Here are some nice images I took for the kit, which could be used as a reference while troubleshooting(Click on the image to load a high-res version of it):