Menorah Soldering Kit - 2019

By Jamal Bouajjaj


This project is a PCB soldering kit in the shape of a menorah. The kit has been designed with some SMD and THT parts. If you plan to use this design as a kit for people who have no/minimal soldering experience, it is recommended to pre-solder the SMD parts before giving the board to them for them to solder.



Project's folder:

Click the GitHub folder below to access the project's files, which include the KiCad PCB files, the Gerber files, and the Autodesk Inventor CAD files.

Google Drive Link


Image 1

PCB Parts:

This kit has some THT and SMD parts to be soldered (THT means through-hole, and SMD means surface-mount).

PCB Reference Part DescriptionPackage Size Quantity per Board
U1Attiny-84 MicrocontrollerDIP-141
R111MΩ ResistorSMD-12061
R10-R121kΩ ResistorSMD-12062
R1-9330Ω ResistorSMD-12069
D1-D95mm LEDTHT9
Q12N3904 NPN TransistorTO-921
F1250mA PolyfuseTHT1
J25-9v Battery ConnectorTHT1
C11uF CapacitorSMD-12061
U25V RegulatorSOT232-31

Theory of Operation:

The circuit is based on an Attiny84 microcontroller. This microcontroller controlls all LEDs except for the middle one on the high side(anode). On the low side(cathode), all LEDs are drived by a 2N3904 down to ground by the microcontroller. There is a copper pad in in the middle of the "candle", which serves as the capacitance touch pad. The CapacitiveTouch library is used in conjunction with a pre-determined threshold value to determine when the pad has been pressed or not. When pressed, the Attiny increments the number of LEDs on from left to right, like a real Menorah. All the LEDs are beign constantly drived in a matter that appears like they are a candle.


Here is the PCB's schematic:

Schematic of Project

Technical Diagrams:

Here is some diagrams relating to the project:

PCB Drawing PCB Drawing PCB Drawing PCB Drawing


The PCB is designed to be screwed or tight-fitted into a case at the buttom of the board. I have designed such case, which you can find the STL and STEP for it in the project's GitHub repository.

Arduino Software:

For the board to be functional, the Attiny84 must be pre-programmed or programmed thru the Tag-Connect connector(J1). The software can found in the GitHub repository.